About Us

Our group was formed by area members who originally came together on an online fireworks forum named “Pyro Universe” or “Pyro U” for short.  Outside of joining KCAP, it was “THE” place to go to learn more about fireworks.  There, an idea was proposed to have small meets of PyroU members who reside in the Kansas City area, a meet where a group of like minded individuals could spend a day enjoying and learning more about fireworks.In recent year’s though, PyroU has been slowing in functionality and participation, most of the members have transitioned over to the online forum PyroFan.

After a few years of having a spring and fall shoot, it was decided that there was a desire and need to formalize the club as a non-profit corporation. We would do this and begin accepting members in December of 2011. We now collect annual dues and hold much more frequent club meetings and social events where we not only share our passion for fireworks, but offer those who want to learn more about pyrotechnics greater exposure to the hobby and industry. The collective experience of the club members is used to teach safe and industry standard practices to those who are less experienced. We also share our vast product knowledge by demonstrating how to use product in a more visually appealing way to entertain audiences.

The experience of our members ranges from industry professionals to people who just want to put on better backyard/neighborhood shows and shoot legally year round. Have you seen the fireworks at the Chiefs games, Sporting KC, T-Bones, and American Royal? Those shows are shot by many of our members and they are happy to share their industry knowledge with anyone who is willing to work safely and has the desire to learn more about pyrotechnics. We have members who like to do nothing else but use consumer grade fireworks and choreograph their shows to the tiniest detail, all to create a more amazing show for their friends and neighbors. They will show you their tricks and tips to do the same. Want to learn how to electronically fire your fireworks show? We can help you with that as well. We even get discounts on electronic firing systems.

Our members have told us that one of the greatest benefits to being a member of KCAP is the ability to purchase wholesale through the collective effort of the club, thereby saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually. Our club purchases are not limited to just wholesale purchases locally either. We have a network of product suppliers that work with us to get us exactly the product we want and need and that network spans the country. You will gain access to product not usually offered in our area or region. You will likely save your annual dues cost alone on your first group buy purchase with our club and will be shocked at what you can save off retail at a tent if that is where you normally purchase your fireworks. You’ll never do that again once you’re a member of KCAP!

KCAP is growing and we expect to see that growth continue in the years ahead as more and more people learn about us and what we do. If you are a safe, mature and responsible person interested in learning more about fireworks or are experienced and just want to join up with other like minded pyros to shoot year round, just visit the “Join Us” link at the top of this page.